How to use this box with Vagrant:

Vagrant.configure("2") do |config| = "linufix/macronodes"
  config.vm.box_version = "6.3.6"
vagrant init linufix/macronodes \
  --box-version 6.3.6
vagrant up

This version was created over 4 years ago.

What's new:

  • JPoS payment gateway added
  • Driver updates

Quick installation:

Virtual Machine

  • Download and install vagrant for your operating system.
  • Download and install Virtualbox for your operating system.
  • In the command line (CMD for windows or bash terminal for Linux) enter vagrant init linufix/macronodes --box-version 6.3.6.
  • And then in the command line enter vagrant up. Wait until the operation is done. If this step ended with warnings and authentication errors, please ignore the logs and go to VirtualBox and right click on the Linufix machine and power off.
  • And then in the command line enter vagrant halt. Wait until the operation is done.
  • Check the virtualbox. There should be a new VM added. Please right click and power off the newly added VM if still running.
  • [IMPORTANT] The default memory, CPU, and graphic memory needs to be adjusted. Right click on the Linufix machine in the VirtualBox Manager and go to System menu. Here you can adjust the Base Memory, Number of CPUs, and Graphic Card memory that are going to be allocated to Linufix machine. You should tune those allocations based on the resources available in your system. Sometimes VirtualBox gives you a hint by highlighting a green area implying the safe allocation amounts. If you allocate too much resources to the Linufix machine, there will be no resources available for your base system. If you allocate too few resources to the Linufix machine, there will be not enough resources for the Linufix machine to operate seamlessly. In both cases you will experience a slow machine. Best is to tune a balance allocation!
  • Power on the VM and login to Linufix with username as linufix and password as linufix.
  • Anytime later you can use Linufix directly through VirtualBox.

Standalone (For enterprise users)

  • Please visit to download the latest ISO version.
  • Burn the ISO file on a DVD or copy it to a USB memory stick.
  • Change the boot sequence in your computer accordingly.
  • Install the OS on your computer.

Enjoy Linufix - a community Linux for Financial Information eXchange.

Please send your feedback or questions to and we will reach you out quick.


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