How to use this box with Vagrant:

Vagrant.configure("2") do |config| = "folio/stable-backend"
  config.vm.box_version = "2.2.0"
vagrant init folio/stable-backend \
  --box-version 2.2.0
vagrant up

This version was created over 6 years ago.

Admin login: diku_admin/admin

Changes from v2.1.0:

  • Update Okapi to v1.8.1 (internal module, okapi.supertenant)
  • Update mod-authtoken to v0.6.1 (support for X-Okapi headers)
  • Update mod-permissions to v4.0.4
  • Update mod-login to v3.1.0 (improvements to token generation)
  • Update mod-users to v14.1.0 (cross-table queries and joins)
  • Update mod-circulation-storage to v3.1.0 (add dueDate and renewalCount properties)
  • Update mod-circulation to v4.1.0 (add dueDate property)
  • Updated sample data for circulation (dueDate, renewalCount)
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