How to use this box with Vagrant:

Vagrant.configure("2") do |config| = "abc101/sakai"
  config.vm.box_version = "20.1"
vagrant init abc101/sakai \
  --box-version 20.1
vagrant up

This version was created about 1 month ago.

Sakai LMS 20.1

Base box abc101/debian v10.6

Environments for Sakai LMS 20.1

  1. Debian 10.6
  2. JDK 1.8.0_261
  3. Tomcat 9.0.38
  4. MariaDB (V15.1, Distrib 10.3.25 Debian default package)

Basic information

  1. JAVA_HOME=/opt/jdk/1.8.0_261
  2. CATALINA_HOME=/opt/tomcat/9.0.38
  3. sudo systemctl status sakai
  4. sakai(tomcat) service file ownership: vagrant
  5. sakai service port: 8080 (default tomcat port)
  6. tail -f $CATALINA_HOME/logs/catalina.out for reading live logs


  1. DB User : Passwd = sakaiuser : sakaipassword
  2. Sakai default User : Password = admin : admin

Recommends box configuration

  1. CPU: 2 or more
  2. RAM: 2GB or more

※ This system will start within a minute, but Sakai will start about 3 minutes after booting the system. Sakai has many java applications inside of itself. Set the forwarding 8080 to a port which you want and open The default Sakai front page is [address]/portal. If you visit the root, [address]/, you will have the 404 error because there is no tomcat default manager app or any other app.


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