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Vagrant.configure("2") do |config| = "JohnSteven/Omair"
  config.vm.box_version = "2.0.2"
vagrant init JohnSteven/Omair \
  --box-version 2.0.2
vagrant up

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Searching for the most recent Dubai Metro Map? Look at our 2021 PDF adaptation for every one of the most recent updates!

Assuming you're moving to Dubai and wanting to involve the Metro as your primary wellspring of transportation, it's critical that you know where each station is comparable to each other — particularly assuming that you're attempting to move lines. We've assembled a refreshed guide that shows every one of the ongoing stations, their areas according to one another, and the course they travel (underground or over the ground). This guide can be downloaded on our website at and printed out so you have it available while going around Dubai! Click Dubai Metro Map 2021 PDF to see intriguing realities about Dubai Metro Map.

Step by step instructions to Download the Dubai Metro Map
To download a duplicate of your guide, you should utilize Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is accessible on the two Windows and Mac working frameworks; in the event that you have both of these introduced on your PC, it is not difficult to download a free duplicate.

The Future of the Dubai Metro System
The fate of public transportation in Dubai is... brilliant (we figure you can see where we're going with that). In the event that you realize any individual who's been to, or if nothing else seen photos of, a notorious structure like The Burj Khalifa (which remains at an incredible 2,722 feet), then, at that point, you have some thought of exactly the way that high Dubai is stretching its boundaries.

The number of Stations that Will Open in 2021
Our Dubai Metro map shows 6 new stations coming on the web in 2021. Figure out more about these new stations and when they'll open underneath.

What Do The New Lines Resemble?
The new lines will associate large numbers of the metro's current stations and attractions. When complete, there will be four lines: Green Line: The augmentation of Green Line from Nakheel Harbor and Tower Station to Palm Jumeirah Station will go through Discovery Gardens and Emirates Hills by means of Jumeirah 3. Trains on Green Line run at regular intervals during top hours, like clockwork during off-top hours, and like clockwork during late evenings.

What Will Befall The Current Lines After 2021?
As you might have heard, there are many changes coming to how you explore around in Dubai after 2021. Nonetheless, while they won't assemble any new lines after that year, they will develop a few of their ongoing lines to help more business voyagers. They've arranged out a few stops along these ways that will permit inhabitants to get to different methods of transportation — like transports and cable cars — to assist them with getting around significantly quicker than previously.

A rundown of new stations opened by 2021
Al Yalayis, Ibn Battuta, Al Rigga, Emirates Living, Mizhar 1, 2 and 3 and Mushrif Park. To see a full rundown of where stations are presently, download your duplicate of our new Dubai Metro map. The accompanying GIF is a see to kick you off.

Visit WASILA to see more information.


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