How to use this box with Vagrant:

Vagrant.configure("2") do |config| = "AndrewDryga/vagrant-digitalocean"
  config.vm.box_version = "1.0.0"
vagrant init AndrewDryga/vagrant-digitalocean \
  --box-version 1.0.0
vagrant up

This version was created almost 5 years ago.

Digital Ocean Vagrant Provider

vagrant-digitalocean is a provider plugin for Vagrant that supports the management of Digital Ocean droplets (instances).

Features include:

  • create and destroy droplets
  • power on and off droplets
  • rebuild a droplet (destroys and ups with same IP address)
  • provision a droplet with shell
  • setup a SSH public key for authentication
  • create a new user account during droplet creation

The provider has been tested with Vagrant 1.1.5+ using Ubuntu 12.04 and CentOS 6.3 guest operating systems.

Complete information can be found in smdahlen/vagrant-digitalocean GitHub repo.

1 provider for this version.
  • digitalocean Externally hosted (